A New Game with Motor Bike in Bangladesh

One day very early in the morning some young and enthusiastic boys are found by this reporter in an open space of Tannery area of Savar showing some tough tact with their bike in front of some local inhabitants who are interestingly enjoying that exercise.

While asking those boys about the name of that skill they say that is a game named stunting with bike. These types of game we often enjoy in the Hollywood or Bollywood action movies or when the bike companies like Bajaj, Yamaha, BMW, Kawasaki, Triumph introduce the whole world with their upcoming new bikes in market through advertisement on different media.

Those young boys are formed in a group named Haunt Riderz (HRz) with a motto ‘ride safely’. They formed this team in 2007 only with the passion in their mind that one day in Bangladesh this stunting game will become popular like other countries like USA, France, Brazil, India, Sankara, Thailand, Indonesia, and even in Nepal.

Practicing through couple of years the passion of stunt riding of HRz team is now becoming very popular to the young generation of Bangladesh. The team consists of seven enthusiastic stunt riders. They basically promote stunting in this country.

“Our major intention was to divert the teenagers and youngsters mind into stunt riding instead of street racing, rash driving, street-stunting and illegal races. In maximum case the common scenario of road accidents are ‘speeding’, which is strictly avoided by us. We do not even ride our bikes without safety guards.” Bodiuzzaman Bodi, a stunt rider of HRz team says to this reporter.

In Bangladesh there are some more stunt riding teams like HRz. All of the stunt riders of those teams including HRz try hardly to introduce the young generation with stunting game in Bangladesh.

Mithun Mridha a devoted member of HRz and convey his experience, “The maximum speed required for stunt riding is 30km/h, which is totally safe for a proper trained rider to balance his bike at any condition. The only reason why stunt riding is neglected in our country is that almost 70% of the riders do not wear safety guards while riding.”

“But we always use safety guards in stunting and practicing time to time for the best tricks.” He adds.

“In our neighboring country India there we see great platform for stunting game. They have already arranged first reality show named ‘MTV stuntmania’ regarding this game. The country provides stunt riders the training facility and gives them opportunity to perform in their film industry. But in our country we have no training facilities or opportunities to perform in Bengali films.” Ziaur Rahman Siddiqui, another member of HRz Says.

“Ghost Riderz is one of the stunts riding team like us in India. They have already got the sponsorship from Bajaj Pulsar which is a brand of sports bike in India. We have also many motorbike companies here in our country. If they provide sponsorship for us we the stunt riders of Bangladesh can bring fame for our country like other stunt riders around the world.” Siddiqui adds.

Every members of HRz stunt riding team achieve their capability of stunting in different types of stunt actions like stoppie, whellie, human compass, high chair stoppie, foot pack whellie, burn out by regular practicing in well-controlled environment with sufficient precautions put into place to ensure their safety. All of them have acquired their vehicles in a proper way and carry legal driving license.

Raisur Rahman Sazzad, another biker of HRz says “If anyone wishes to learn bike stunt riding without internet there is no other sources. We can also help anyone who wishes to become a stunt rider as we have completed basic training. But it is must for everyone to have a legal bike and driving license and appropriate safety gear.”

“Without proper guidelines, safety gear, and controlled environment, no one should attempt to try stunt riding as it may cause severe harm,” he adds.

Besides stunt riding HRz team perform rallies to provide public awareness or social cause in different national days. While asking how stunt riding promote public awareness, Kamrul Islam, moderator of HRz team says, “Stunt riding can easily attract the attention of the people while performing any kinds of tricks like stoppie, wheely, human compus, high chair stoppie or burnered. So riders can attain the attention of the crowd for giving any kinds of massage.”

Stunt biking is in the genre of extreme sports like BMX biking, bungee jumping, demolition derby, sky diving etc. that has a higher degree of excitement and adventure than regular sports which is performed by highly trained professionals with special equipment and safety gear, these extreme sports have become a popular one among the youth across the world.

“Stunting with bike gained popularity in our country. Just we need the help of the government to approve this international game in our country to show our capability to the world that we can perform stunting also. It can be a great source of entertainment also.” Mithun says.

Every members of the team HRz believe that if they attain the adequate guidance and support from the government to make this bike stunting as a new game in this country they can also prove themselves as a best stunt rider in the world like Chris Pfeiffer, Mattie Griffin, AC Farias, Jorian Ponomareff, Dan Jackson who are the motorbike stunting star around the world.

This article is published in ‘weekend Independent‘ magazine of ‘The Independent’ newspaper.

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  1. Bro I wanna import a Harley Davidson in BD. Do i get permission for that? What is the maximum CC in bd . My one is 1300cc. Let me know the procedure please…….

      1. ami to jani pulsar 150cc er basi…..tahole pulsar cholbo kibhave? Harley Davidson er min cc 883 and max 1650cc…..

    1. If you want to be a stunter you need to talk to current stunter who is a good stunter and know all about stunting and its tricks. also you have to practise and practise. but remember always safety first.

  2. hi HRz…….
    I am the biggest fan of your group. I am inspired by you guise to avoid street racing,,,,,,,,,, Mostly I like Mithun Vaiya………. please say my thanks to him……………..

  3. You’re most welcome Shahed Fardous Vaia 🙂 I’m really honored that you appreciated my thought.

    Thanx to all other friends for appreciating our passion especially Adil Bro, its hard to xpress my thanks to u. cant let u kno how much u hav supported us. Thanx a million 🙂

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