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This is Adil Sakhawat. I am a reporter and photographer. From the time when i came to realise that i am a person who always wants to know about something new and explore or focus on something new then i took the decision to be a journalist because i believe journalism is one of the best way where a person can go to depth of a subject, know about the subject and finally explore the subject in a different way and raise that subject to the people from diferrent point of view.

This blog represents the workings, thinkings, experiences of mine which i can gain in every moments of my life and i just want to share this with the worlds people which can introduce myself as well as my country to others.

Currently i am working as an Investigative Journalist at “Dhaka Tribune“, an English daily newspaper of Bangladesh since 2013. Previously i worked as feature writer at two different English newspaper of Bangladesh ” The Independent ” and “Daily Sun“.

In my personal life i am very happy with my wife ‘Sinthy’ who always inspires me to do my work in a perfect way. I really love her so much.

I like to travel with my Vespa, cycling and take the pictures of sorrounding hard working people, nature, animals etc.

Sitting over my lovely Vespa (Bajaj 150)

I always believe ” Man can be destroyed but cannot be defeated.”


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  1. Hey Adil,
    I love you blog too! I had no idea that the Independent was in Bangladesh by the way, but it’sreally cool that you work for them. Keep up the good work and thanks for following my blog.

  2. Hello. I am Salman. I will conduct a research based on helath issue of prostitors of doulodia. I need some help from u. so can I get ur contract address please. Also I am requesting to u for give me permission take some note from ur report for literary review.

  3. Hello. I will start a new research on health issue of prostitute of doudodia.. I need help form u.. Can I get ur contract number please. And I want to take permision from u for take some help from ur research for.literary review….. please… please give me ur answer.by mail.

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